Cancun, Mexico

I'd always thought a canned vacation like the all-inclusive places in Cancun were not what I would like. I've always been a little more adventurous than that in where I go and how I experience a country. But this time I was with my mom so I was interested in an "easy" vacation. Thought about a cruise, but some friends I know were going to Cancun and they talked me into it. So I got my mom to apply for and get her very first passport, and booked two weeks at the hotel my buddy like, the Be Live Grand Viva Beach. I'm glad we did it.

I was pleasantly surprised for the most part. There were a few having to wear the bracelet at all times, and air conditioning was on the fritz in the wee hours half the time. Windows didn't open, so it would get very hot. Elevator was the size of a closet, only big enough for two if you have luggage with you. But I really liked that Brazilian restaurant: salty, grilled meat and lots of it. We got out and about some, but not like my usual roaming around. I suppose I'd recommend this hotel if you like this sort of vacation, but book it early because it's very popular. My friends certainly liked it, and the price seemed OK. There were no openings when I looked just now.

Getting through customs was a breeze since I was with mom who needed a wheel chair. Got sent to the head of the line. Coming back through customs, they took my nail file and my fingernail clippers, cause, you know, I might have taken over the plane with them.

I still have rather mixed feelings about this vacation. It was my first all-inclusive resort. I tend to think if it was just me I would stay in town and hang out with the Mexicans more. But it was really nice to spend time with my mom and my friends. I suppose I'd do it again just for the social interaction.